Friday, April 23, 2010

paper fans

Paper fans are easy to make and assorted sizes can be hung for decoration. For this project, I used Midori gift wrap (approx 20 x 29) to construct each fan. The small fans are created with one sheet, folded in half (10" x 29"). Accordian pleat through the length, the pleats are 1 1/2" in width, approx the width of a metal ruler. Secure the middle of the 10" bundle with waxed twine (one yard). Tape or secure ends together as you create your round fan.
To create the large fan, you'll need 4 sheets of Midori paper.
Begin taping 2 sheets together, pleat 1 1/2" through the 29" length. Secure with waxed twine. Repeat with second 2 sheets. Tape the two halves together to finish one large fan.
Punch holes to attach ribbons for hanging, or suspend them with a simple length of waxed twine.

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