Monday, August 8, 2011

endless summer

In a previous post, I used my Fabriano Italian cardstock to create little birds toppers for wedding favors. I love the creamy stiff paper and decided to create a paper flower bouquet.
I began cutting 3 (4") small teardrop shaped petals and 5 large(6") teardrop petals. Using my scissors, I cut a 2" splice into the bottom edge and brought the two cut ends together with a slight overlap. Using a small hole punch, I punched a hole to run my florist wire through. First layering the small petals and then layering the 5 large petals. To finish off the flower, I cut a 2x8" rectangular piece of Fabriano and fringed one edge down the length. I began to roll the strip into a cylinder and notched the non-fringed edge a 1/4" and clipped and tucked inside to create a surface to apply glue. Press glued surface to the center, creating a stamen. Finish off with a 12" length of fringed cotton curl in ivory to stuff inside your flower center.