Friday, April 23, 2010

paper fans

Paper fans are easy to make and assorted sizes can be hung for decoration. For this project, I used Midori gift wrap (approx 20 x 29) to construct each fan. The small fans are created with one sheet, folded in half (10" x 29"). Accordian pleat through the length, the pleats are 1 1/2" in width, approx the width of a metal ruler. Secure the middle of the 10" bundle with waxed twine (one yard). Tape or secure ends together as you create your round fan.
To create the large fan, you'll need 4 sheets of Midori paper.
Begin taping 2 sheets together, pleat 1 1/2" through the 29" length. Secure with waxed twine. Repeat with second 2 sheets. Tape the two halves together to finish one large fan.
Punch holes to attach ribbons for hanging, or suspend them with a simple length of waxed twine.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

duck prosciutto

I have been culling through all my picasa photos, one in particular, I thought I would share.
A good friend and I frequently get together to try new recipes and have since made several batches of duck prosciutto. I would say the first attempt was the best. In part due to the type of duck breasts selected.
Select Magrets or Muscovy breasts which are large and succulent. I purchased eight breasts at the Pike Place market, can't wait. The breasts are immersed in the salt, infused with oranges, shallots, bay leaves, peppers, and various herbs and of course garlic. Rinse after the first 24 hours, pat dry and wrap in cheesecloth. Hang from racks in fridge for 2 weeks. Be sure they are not cramped, or touching. After 2 weeks, check for curing, and enjoy! Slice thin on a salad, or on crostini or just by itself. Bon Appetit!

Monday, April 19, 2010

magnetic gift boxes

In a "I can do that moment", I decided to recreate a previous craft project. I took a set up mailing box, with a little brush and paste glue proceeded to hinged and covered museum boards to create a keepsake gift box. Added magnets for the flap closure. Voila, a decorative box to give, or keep.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

celebrate local

A month in planning, the Saturday event with five local vendors came and went. My project for the night before was to take the dressmakers bust and create a paper dress with beautiful Midori papers and ribbon. I felt this was my first project runway task. The paper is durable due to the cotton content and created the gathered skirt with my sewing machine.

Friday, April 2, 2010

lily clusters

I decided to begin a blog, sharing a few of the projects I have created at work. Several weeks ago,
I was asked to create a Spring vignette, featuring materials at work. I was inspired by a photo featured in Martha Stewarts' wedding magasine. The vivid photo depicted real clusters of lilies strung together, similar to a Hawaiian lei, as a backdrop to an actual wedding event. I visualized crepe paper flowers in place of live flowers. Crepe paper,scissors, seam binding ribbon, waxed twine and a paper twist cording created strands of lilies, which would be suspended amist a sea of color. Ahhhh, Spring flowers and Spring showers just in time for Easter.