Tuesday, April 20, 2010

duck prosciutto

I have been culling through all my picasa photos, one in particular, I thought I would share.
A good friend and I frequently get together to try new recipes and have since made several batches of duck prosciutto. I would say the first attempt was the best. In part due to the type of duck breasts selected.
Select Magrets or Muscovy breasts which are large and succulent. I purchased eight breasts at the Pike Place market, can't wait. The breasts are immersed in the salt, infused with oranges, shallots, bay leaves, peppers, and various herbs and of course garlic. Rinse after the first 24 hours, pat dry and wrap in cheesecloth. Hang from racks in fridge for 2 weeks. Be sure they are not cramped, or touching. After 2 weeks, check for curing, and enjoy! Slice thin on a salad, or on crostini or just by itself. Bon Appetit!

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