Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cotton Curl

Recently I created a new holiday project for work. It was a wreath using some paper ribbon that the PS stores sell. One of my fellow coworkers thought to send it in to Cream City Ribbons, whose paper ribbon I used to create the wreath. They liked it so much they had featured it on their website for the holidays.

 1 roll of Cotton Curl in Red with White Stripes (50 yds)
    enough to make four wreaths
 6" Embroidery Hoop, separated
 one yard ribbon to hang wreath

package of the month

Cut approximately 12 yards, into 8" loops (approx 54 lengths).  Using 1/2 of the embroidery hoop set. Begin to wrap the 8" lengths around the frame with a flip tie, curl both ends with the blade of a scissor. Continue to load until the frame is full, hang with your favorite yard of ribbon.  Simple!

Hang from your kitchen cabinet, or adorn the top of your holiday gift. Can be set along your table, as a base for a candle or clear vase filled with flowers or candies.

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